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No schools’ rugby until June on the cards in South Africa

By Hannes Nienaber , in News , at 10 January 2021 Tags: , , , , , , , , ,

NoSchoolsRugbyThere is a strong possibility that there will be no school rugby played in South Africa until June of 2021.

School of Rugby confirmed with a couple of headmasters from prominent rugby schools that they haven’t received any communication to confirm that schools’ rugby will be suspended. We have however confirmed with sources that it is a huge possibility that an announcement confirming this will be made shortly.  

Sunday newspaper Rapport reports that its sources have confirmed that a decision has been made to cancel all amateur rugby until June of 2021. This includes club rugby as well as schools’ rugby.

This instruction would come from the Department of Sport and Recreation as South Africa is currently facing a second wave of the Corona-virus pandemic.

The second wave has seen South Africans being infected at a much higher rate than the first wave with more than 20 000 new cases being reported each day since the 6th of January 2021. 

If this is true and the announcement is made this week by SA Rugby – it will have a significant impact on communities where club rugby plays a pivotal role in keeping youngsters from the streets.

It will also have a major impact on yet another schoolboy rugby season – as all of the Easter Festivals or other school festivals and tournaments will be canceled or postponed if such an announcement is made this week. 

Monument of Krugersdorp and Kearsney College of Durban will be celebrating their centenary this year with both of them planning rugby festivals that will form an integral part of the celebrations. Both schools have a proud rugby history. 

The last school rugby matches in South Africa were played on 14 March 2020. The u18-group of this year’s chances of receiving contracts to further their careers will be heavily affected by this decision. 

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