Paarl Interschools of 2021 postponed indefinitely

Written by Hannes Nienaber

Paarl_Interskole School of Rugby | Paarl Interschools of 2021 postponed indefinitely  - School of RugbyThe Biggest Interschools in the world - the Paarl Interschools have been postponed due to the third wave of infections of the Coronavirus-pandemic in South Africa.

The five schools involved in the interschools Paarl Gimnasium, Paarl Boys' High, Klein Gim, Klein Boishaai, and Paarl Girls' High released a statement earlier today to confirm that they were forced to postpone the interschools that was scheduled for the 14th of August in the picturesque Boland town. 

"As soon as the adjusted school terms and examination dates are announced by the WCED (Western Cape Education Department), we will discuss potential alternative dates," states the release signed by all five headmasters from the schools involved. 

Last year's interschools was cancelled for only the second time in the history of this major event. The previous time being way back in 1928. The annual interschools started back in 1915.

Annually more than 20 000 (probably closer to 25 000) spectators cram into the Faure Street Stadium to witness the highlight of the week-long interschools of Paarl Gimnasium and Paarl Boys' High First XV's battling it out for bragging right. 

Old-Boys and -Girls from around the world as far as the United States of America, New Zealand and the United Kingdom travel to the town of Paarl usually the first Saturday of August to come and renew old friendships and show support to their respective schools. 

During the week no one is allowed to sit on the fence of who you will be supporting. You are either a Galpil (Paarl Boishaai) or a Bloedwors (Paarl Gim).

With this match being postponed it is quite foreboding for the rest of the schoolboy rugby season in South Africa. 

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