Press Release by SA Schools Challenge Trust - Monnas Centenary Festival cancelled

Written by SA Schools Challenge Trust

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15 April 2021, Pretoria

To all Stakeholders,

We take this opportunity to firstly thank all of those involved in the preparation and facilitation of this tournament which has been in the final stages of
planning for some time.

As we are all aware, over the course of the last few months, school sports have suffered a number of setbacks and various stakeholders have had to
overcome a number of substantial hurdles with respect to various regulations and directives applicable the return to school sport as well as the return to school rugby.

It was apparent that planning and finalizing this festival during the COVID-19 pandemic was always going to be hard, with the ultimate goal to see school-boy rugby returns with a bang and for all schools involved to be given an opportunity to get back on the field, doing what they love, playing rugby.

The SA School ChallengeTrust exists for one reason and that is for the development of school-level rugby in our country.

In accordance with the Department of Basic Education regulations and the various guidelines and correspondence issued by the custodians for rugby in South Africa, we were only recently given the green light to return to contact sport and to begin the final preparations for the festival.

In fact, this festival would have been the first school rugby festival since the suspension of school rugby over a year ago.

SA Schools Challenge Trust was created for the sole purpose of facilitating and fostering growth in school-level rugby and our mission has always been to present opportunities for school-level rugby in South Africa to shine and grow.

We are in the process of negotiating with various stakeholders to try to facilitate some sort of arrangement that would see this festival take place
at a later stage, but we cannot confirm now that anything will materialize from this. It is just necessary that we place all cards on the table to display that we are trying everything in our power to correct this situation.

We are hopeful that moving forward under better and less restrictive circumstances and not burdened by the overwhelming pressure that has been caused by COVID-19 that SA School Challenge Trust can implement its manifesto and represent the interest of school-level rugby in South Africa successfully.

Thank you for your consideration of this statement.

Issued by SA Schools Challenge Trust

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