Lions Fixtures - 2015

Written by Hannes Nienaber

7 March 2015 

Monument vs. Transvalia

14 March 2015 

Monument vs. Centurion
Marais Viljoen vs. Garsfontein
Florida vs. Pietersburg

21 March 2015

Monument vs. EG Jansen
Marais Viljoen vs. Ermelo
Florida vs. Vereeniging Gimnasium

25 March 2015 

Marais Viljoen vs. Kemptonpark 
Florida vs. Nelspruit

9 May 2015 

Linden vs. Alberton 
Randburg vs. Dinamika
Riebeeckrand vs. Jan Viljoen

13 May 2015

Dinamika vs. Jan Viljoen
Randburg vs. Bastion
Alberton vs. Riebeeckrand

16 May 2015 

Monument vs. Rustenburg
Marais Viljoen vs. Jeugland
Bastion vs. Dinamika

Jan Viljoen vs. Alberton
Linden vs. Randburg

23 May 2015 

Monument vs. Florida
Marais Viljoen vs. Jeugland
Alberton vs. Dinamika

Riebeeckrand vs. Linden
Jan Viljoen vs. Bastion

30 May 2015 

Monument vs. EG Jansen
Bastion vs. Linden

Dinamika vs. Riebeeckrand
Alberton vs. Randburg

6 June 2015 

Florida vs. EG Jansen
Marais Viljoen vs. Die Anker
Jan Viljoen vs. Randburg

Dinamika vs. Linden
Riebeeckrand vs. Bastion

13 June 2015 

Florida vs. Kemptonpark
Randburg vs. Riebeeckrand 

Bastion vs. Alberton
Linden vs. Jan Viljoen

20 June 2015 

Florida vs. Rustenburg
Monument vs. Kemptonpark
Marais Viljoen vs. Vereeniging Gimnasium

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