Limpopo Fixtures - 2015

Written by Hannes Nienaber

25 February 2015 

Northern Academy vs. Capricorn

28 February 2015 

Louis Trichardt vs. Ellisras
Tom Naudé vs. Frans du Toit
Mitchelle House vs. Capricorn
Eric Louw vs. Merensky 

7 March 2015 

Louis Trichardt vs. Piet Potgieter
Frikkie Meyer vs. Montana
Pietersburg vs. Vereeniging Gimnasium
Ben Vorster vs. Oos-Moot
Lydenburg vs. Frans du Toit
Curro Nelspruit vs. Northern Academy

10 March 2015 

Affies vs. Ben Viljoen

13 March 2015 

Warmbad vs. Tuine THS

14 March 2015 

Piet Potgieter vs. General Hertzog
Frikkie Meyer vs. Oos-Moot
Ellisras vs. Merensky
Ben Viljoen vs. Lydenburg
Pietersburg vs. Florida
Nylstroom vs. Louis Trichardt
Montana vs. Ben Vorster
Rob Ferreira vs. Frans du Toit
Tom Naudé vs. John Vorster
Heuwelkruin vs. Northern Academy
Overkruin vs. Hans Strijdom

20 March 2015 

Ellisras vs. Tuine THS

21 March 2015 

Merensky vs. Ben Viljoen 
Frikkie Meyer vs. Ben Vorster
Nylstroom vs. John Vorster
Tom Naudé vs. Louis Trichardt
Nelspruit vs. Pietersburg
Bergvlam vs. Frans du Toit 
Hans Strijdom vs. General Hertzog

24 March 2015 

Tuine THS vs. Piet Potgieter 
Merensky vs. Tom Naudé 

18 April 2015 

Hans Strijdom vs. Ellisras
Piet Potgieter vs. Warmbad
Frikkie Meyer vs. Ben Viljoen
Nylstroom vs. Tom Naudé
Louis Trichardt vs. Merensky
Frans du Toit vs. Eric Louw 

24 April 2015 

Tom Naudé vs. Ben Viljoen 

25 April 2015 

Hans Strijdom vs. Piet Potgieter
Warmbad vs. Ellisras
Nylstroom vs. Frikkie Meyer
Ben Vorster vs. Oudtshoorn
Eric Louw vs. Louis Trichardt

9 May 2015 

Hans Strijdom vs. Warmbad 
Piet Potgieter vs. Tom Naudé
Frikkie Meyer vs. Ellisras
Ben Viljoen vs. Nylstroom
Stanford Lake vs. Beaulieu 
Frans du Toit vs. Lowveld
Eric Louw vs. Heuwelkruin
Louis Trichardt vs. Merensky

16 May 2015

Hans Strijdom vs. Frikkie Meyer
Ellisras vs. Ben Viljoen
Piet Potgieter vs. Nylstroom 
Tom Naudé vs. Warmbad 
Pietersburg vs. Helpmekaar
Ben Vorster vs. Rustenburg
Stanford Lake vs. Heuwelkruin
Merensky vs. Frans du Toit 
Northern Academy vs. Eric Louw 
Louis Trichardt vs. Ben Vorster

23 May 2015 

Frikkie Meyer vs. Warmbad
Ellisras vs. Nylstroom
Piet Potgieter vs. Ben Viljoen 
Hans Strijdom vs. Tom Naudé
St. Dunstan's College vs. Stanford Lake
Louis Trichardt vs. Frans du Toit 
Capricorn vs. Eric Louw 

30 May 2015 

Nylstroom vs. Hans Strijdom 
Frikkie Meyer vs. Piet Potgieter
Ben Viljoen vs. Warmbad
Ellisras vs. Tom Naudé
Ben Vorster vs. Pietersburg
Heuwelkruin vs. Eric Louw 

7 June 2015 

Ben Viljoen vs. Hans Strijdom 
Frikkie Meyer vs. Tom Naudé 
Ellisras vs. Piet Potgieter
Warmbad vs. Nylstroom
Pietersburg vs. Louis Trichardt
Ben Vorster vs. Garsfontein

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