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BDCE Campus Cup to resume this week with a forced format change

By Hannes Nienaber , in News , at 24 August 2020 Tags: , , , , , , , , ,

BDCECampusCupLogoFacebook threw a major curveball to our virtual schools’ rugby competition, the BDCE Campus Cup, by removing the option for Facebook Pages to create polls. The feature that our competition was run on was therefore removed from pages – we could still create polls on Facebook Groups but they’re inner workings and settings are a bit different. 

We, therefore, took a bye week last week to investigate our options to continue the competition without jeopardizing the integrity of the BDCE Campus Cup. The best and most fair solution we came up with was, is to run the competition via Instagram and Facebook Stories which still has a voting option. 

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this disruption to our competition. We have not foreseen that Facebook would remove the polling feature as abruptly as they did. None of these changes were communicated to us beforehand. The competition was started to give a bit back during these difficult times as well as keeping some interest in the schoolboy game going,” said Hannes Nienaber, owner of School of Rugby.

School of Rugby will communicate more information on the new format to be used for the remainder of the competition by Tuesday, 25 August 2020. We do plan to move the other two competitions, Campus Cup Jr. and the Netball Lockdown Challenge, yet to kick-off to our app. If you have any concerns or suggestions please send us an e-mail to  

The first champion of the BDCE Campus Cup will receive a lucrative prize in R15 000 in cash and also a USN hamper worth R8 000. The losing finalists will also receive a cash prize of R10 000, while there is also something in it for the smaller schools that take part in the competition. The so-called second-tier school that progresses the furthest in the competition will also win R5 000 in cash.

Besides our title sponsors BDCE and DigiCampus – we also welcomed StrapFIT on board as a sponsor adding another R6 000 worth of strapping to the prizes. This week we also welcome Canterbury SA to the sponsors. Canterbury decided that they will provide the champions of the BDCE Campus Cup with a set of jerseys.  

Our title sponsor, BDCE (Business Development Centre of Excellence), provides SETA Accredited Learnerships, Accredited Training, Skills Development, Non-Accredited Training, and Short Courses for businesses. Please have a look at what they offer by clicking on their banner or highlighted name in the paragraph. 


The competition is a knock-out tournament like the FA Cup (in English soccer) or the former Lion Cup (SA Rugby competition). The winner of each match/tie is determined by who gets the most votes in the match-up.

Show support to your school or community by voting them to the next round. The competition will take nine-week in total and your school will need your support for eight of the week if they are going to be crowned the first virtual champions of South Africa. 


DigiCampus is also one of our sponsors that made this unique competition possible. They provide online video lessons of the CAPS curriculum from Grade R to 12 for all subjects. If you have a child in school during these uncertain times – they provide an excellent free service in helping schoolchildren with an extra resource to better their grades. 

For more information about the competition visit our website or download the School of Rugby app on the Google Playstore. If you are an iPhone user you could also download the app by going to and clicking on the home button in the right bottom corner and select install application on the device. 



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