CONFIRMED: Schools' Rugby activities suspended until February 2021

Written by Hannes Nienaber

NewsGSASchools2019 School of Rugby | CONFIRMED: Schools' Rugby activities suspended until February 2021 - School of RugbyAll school rugby activities (training included) in South Africa are suspended until the 8th of February 2021.

SA Rugby and the South African Schools' Rugby Association (Sasra) had a virtual meeting on Tuesday to discuss the impact of the current level 3 regulations of the lockdown as well as the second wave of Covid-19 infections on schools' rugby for the 2021-season. 

In an ideal world schools' rugby supporters will be able to watch the first match of the season in April 2021, but that is if the national lockdown permissions permit it. This would be impacted by the rate of infections experienced around South Africa during the pandemic. 

When rugby eventually returns schools will have to adhere to four weeks of non-contact training in which they will focus on the fitness and strength of the players. Following this first phase of four weeks schools will be allowed to integrate to contact during the next four weeks.

The communication by Sasra also states that the Department of Basic Education has not yet released any changes to what has been published in the National Gazette. This announcement is probably premature as it will be overruled by any announcement by the Department of Sports, Recreation and Arts and Culture and/or the Department of Basic Education. 

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