Zwartkop, Montana, HTS Drostdy and Secunda in the semi-finals of BDCE Campus Cup

Written by Hannes Nienaber

BDCECampusCupLogo School of Rugby | Zwartkop, Montana, HTS Drostdy and Secunda in the semi-finals of BDCE Campus Cup - School of RugbyThe crown as first virtual school rugby champions of South Africa will find a home in Centurion, Pretoria, Worcester, or Secunda for 2020. This week we are moving into the semi-final of the BDCE Campus Cup with only four schools left within the competition. 

The four schools are Zwartkop of Centurion, Montana from the north of Pretoria, HTS Drostdy of Worcester, and Hoërskool Secunda. The Donkeys from HTS Drostdy is the only DigiTV school left in the competition. Zwartkop will face Montana in the first semi-final, while Drostdy and Secunda will fight it out for the other spot in next week's final. 

Zwartkop knocked out Hoërskool Punt from Mosselbay out in the quarterfinals by 3 142 votes to 2 876 votes. Punt already made sure that they bag the R5 000 up for grabs for the second tier school that progressed the furthest in the competition. 

Montana has been one of the most consistent performers throughout the BDCE Campus Cup. They defeated Marais Viljoen by 2 975 to 2 545 votes in the quarterfinals. Marais Viljoen from Alberton also had a good run throughout the competition. 

HTS Drostdy and Helpmekaar-kollege of Johannesburg was in a titanic battle for a place in the last four. Less than 100 votes were the difference between these two schools. The Donkeys taking it with 4 683 votes to 4 596 votes. 

Secunda came out on top by 3 345 votes to 2 498 against Hans Strijdom of Naboomspruit. The latter putting-up a valiant effort as the forced change in the voting system definitely had an impact on their performance. 

In total, a number of 26 660 votes were cast during the quarterfinals on the two platforms in use - Instagram and Facebook. 

Also a big thanks to the team at DigiTV who shoots our show each week from their studios in Centurion. Remember you can vote twice (once on each platform - Instagram and Facebook). We have made a video on how to vote on Facebook and how to get to the voting post on the stories. Voting opens at 10:00 on Thursday, 10 September 2020, and is only open for 24 hours after the fact.

The first champion of the BDCE Campus Cup will receive a lucrative prize in R15 000 in cash and also a USN hamper worth R8 000. The losing finalists will also receive a cash prize of R10 000, while there is also something in it for the smaller schools that take part in the competition. The so-called second-tier school that progresses the furthest in the competition will also win R5 000 in cash.

Besides our title sponsors BDCE and DigiCampus - we also welcomed StrapFIT on board as a sponsor adding another R6 000 worth of strapping to the prizes. This week we also welcome Canterbury SA to the sponsors. Canterbury decided that they will provide the champions of the BDCE Campus Cup with a set of jerseys.  

Our title sponsor, BDCE (Business Development Centre of Excellence), provides SETA Accredited Learnerships, Accredited Training, Skills Development, Non-Accredited Training, and Short Courses for businesses. Please have a look at what they offer by clicking on their banner or highlighted name in the paragraph. 

bdce School of Rugby | Zwartkop, Montana, HTS Drostdy and Secunda in the semi-finals of BDCE Campus Cup - School of Rugby

The competition is a knock-out tournament like the FA Cup (in English soccer) or the former Lion Cup (SA Rugby competition). The winner of each match/tie is determined by who gets the most votes in the match-up.

Show support to your school or community by voting them to the next round. The competition will take nine-week in total and your school will need your support for eight of the week if they are going to be crowned the first virtual champions of South Africa. 

strapfitcoza School of Rugby | Zwartkop, Montana, HTS Drostdy and Secunda in the semi-finals of BDCE Campus Cup - School of Rugby

DigiCampus is also one of our sponsors that made this unique competition possible. They provide online video lessons of the CAPS curriculum from Grade R to 12 for all subjects. If you have a child in school during these uncertain times - they provide an excellent free service in helping schoolchildren with an extra resource to better their grades. 

For more information about the competition visit our website or download the School of Rugby app on the Google Playstore. If you are an iPhone user you could also download the app by going to and clicking on the home button in the right bottom corner and select install application on the device. 

digicampus School of Rugby | Zwartkop, Montana, HTS Drostdy and Secunda in the semi-finals of BDCE Campus Cup - School of Rugby

Fixtures for the Semi-Final of the BDCE Campus Cup - 10 September 2020: 

10:00 - Zwartkop vs Montana
10:10 - HTS Drostdy vs Secunda

Results from the Quarterfinals of the BDCE Campus Cup: 

Hoërskool Punt vs Zwartkop

Hoërskool Punt  Instagram 1 747 2 876
Facebook 1 129
Zwartkop  Instagram 2 116 3142 
Facebook 1 026

Marais Viljoen vs Montana

Marais Viljoen Facebook 1 732  2545
Instagram 813
Montana  Instagram 2 239 2975 
Facebook 736

HTS Drostdy vs Helpmekaar-kollege

HTS Drostdy  Instagram 3 182 4683 
Facebook 1 501
Helpmekaar  Instagram 3 096 4596 
Facebook 1 500

Secunda vs Hans Strijdom

Secunda  Instagram 2 248 3345 
Facebook 1 097
Hans Strijdom  Instagram 1 791 2498 
Facebook 707 

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