Episode 5 - BDCE Campus Cup 2020

Written by Hannes Nienaber

BDCECampusCupLogo School of Rugby | Episode 5 - BDCE Campus Cup 2020 - School of RugbyWatch the latest talk show about the BDCE Campus Cup as we go into Round 5 of the competition. The production of the show was done by our friends at DigiTV, while Hannes Nienaber hosted the show. Remember is you miss the rugby too much you can always go and watch some of the previous matches streamed by DigiTV. Share with us your favourite moments if you do and we will give you a shoutout on our Instagram's page. 

The first champion of the BDCE Campus Cup will receive a lucrative prize in R15 000 in cash and also a USN hamper worth R8 000. The losing finalists will also receive a cash prize of R10 000, while there is also something in it for the smaller schools that take part in the competition.

bdce School of Rugby | Episode 5 - BDCE Campus Cup 2020 - School of Rugby

Our title sponsor, BDCE (Business Development Centre of Excellence), provides SETA Accredited Learnerships, Accredited Training, Skills Development, Non-Accredited Training, and Short Courses for businesses. Please have a look at what they offer by clicking on their banner or highlighted name in the paragraph. 

DigiCampus is also one of our sponsors that made this unique competition possible. They provide online video lessons of the CAPS curriculum from Grade R to 12 for all subjects. If you have a child in school during these uncertain times - they provide an excellent free service in helping schoolchildren with an extra resource to better their grades. 

We also got a new sponsor on board this week with StrapFit joining us. They sponsored R 6 000 worth of strapping towards the competition. 

For more information about the competition visit our website www.schoolofrugby.co.za or download the School of Rugby app on the Google Playstore. If you are an iPhone user you could also download the app by going to app.schoolofrugby.co.za and clicking on the home button in the right bottom corner and select install application on the device. 

digicampus School of Rugby | Episode 5 - BDCE Campus Cup 2020 - School of Rugby

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