Free Conditioning Program by Alan Temple-Jones

Written by Hannes Nienaber

MetricAthlete School of Rugby | Free Conditioning Program by Alan Temple-Jones  - School of RugbyMetricAthlete is just as disappointed as you that all the sports tours are canceled this holiday due to the Corona Virus.

The impact is massive as you might feel that all your hard work in the off and pre-season will go to waste.

If you don't keep training, the risk of injury will be a lot higher when you get back on the field.

We are happy to help you during this "break" in the season.

Allan Temple-Jones, who was the Springbok 7's strength and conditioning coach and currently involved with Ireland rugby, recently joined the MetricAthlete team. Allan works extensively with GPS tracking and brings a new dimension to MetriceAthlete to assist coaches and players with their fitness and conditioning.

Allan has put together a FREE conditioning program for players they can follow during this unplanned off period.

The easy-to-follow conditioning program is specifically developed using MetricAthlete's database averages and will help you maintain and even improve your fitness levels until you can start training with your team again.

Click on the following link to get your FREE conditioning program today - 

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